Spherical Roller Bearings

Spherical Roller Bearings feature two rows of barrel-shaped rollers which can align themselves freely in the spherical outer ring raceway. One feature is the ability to handle some misalignment of the shaft caused by mounting errors or shaft bending. They have a good radial load capacity and a capacity to sustain thrust loads in either direction.

The amount of misalignment these bearings can handle varies from 1% to 2.5% depending upon the dimensional series and the loading.

There are nine different Spherical Roller Bearing series that vary from each other in capacity and boundary

dimensions. The series numbers are:

  • 213–
  • 222–
  • 223–
  • 230–
  • 231–
  • 232–
  • 239–
  • 240–
  • 241–

The number always starts with a “2”.


The second number indicates the width series:

  • 1 – Very Narrow Series
  • 2 – Narrow Series
  • 3 – Wide Series
  • 4 – Extra Wide series.


The third digit indicates the diameter series:

  • 9 – Extremely Small Series
  • 0 – Very Small Series
  • 1 – Small Series
  • 2 – Medium Series
  • 3 – Large Series


Spherical Roller Bearings are available with either a parallel (straight) bore, or with a tapered bore which is designated by a “K” in the part number.

Need Assistance Selecting the correct Spherical Roller Bearings?

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