Lubrication and Penetrants


Pine Rivers Bearings stocks MOREY’S® Lubricants. MOREY’S® grease products offer a range of Multi-Purpose EP2 Waterproof greases including EPMP2, Super Red, Super Premium High Temperature and Lithium as well as specialised greases that include Bigfoot EP2, Red-I Marine, Molybentone Non Soap 2, Moly Complex EP2, High Speed Roller Bearing EP2 and SR Arctic Wide Temperature.

We also stock a range of Food grade grease lubricants include Morey’s Crystal Blue EP2, Morey’s Crystal Clear MP1 and MP2, and Guardian Aluminium Complex.

Another popular product we stock is Silicone Lubricant or Rubber grease. We have this product in small 25g and 100gm tubes as well as small tubs. It’s perfect for protecting rubber, plastic. Metal and wood. It’s non-conductive, water resistant and protects against corrosion.

Need Assistance Selecting the right Grease?

If you need assistance selecting the right Grease for your particular application, please give us a call and talk to one of our knowledgeable staff. We’re here to help and problem solve for you.