Shaft Couplings

Pine Rivers Bearings have a large range of Industrial Shaft Couplings to suit various applications.  From common couplings like HRC and Jaw to Omega equivalent Max Dynamic couplings.

Please download our Couplings Catalogue for the full range of Couplers including Specifications, dimensional data and power ratings.

HRC Couplings

The HRC Coupling is a proven performer, consisting of two cast iron flanges with a nitrile or polyurethane element (spider), which performs under compression.

The modular design allows for simple fitting and easy maintenance while the element absorbs shock loading and compensates for marginal misalignment.

The HRC Couplings  are available in Pilot Bore and Taper Lock.

HRC Coupling

Jaw Couplings

The Jaw Coupling is recognised across a large range of industries. The Jaw Coupling is highly resilient, it doesn’t require any lubrication and can work in environments contaminated with oil, dirt, sand, moisture and grease.

The rubber or polyurethane insert is designed to absorb shock loading and does not allow for any metal on metal contact. The inserts are available as Spider Elements as well as Wrap Element Kits.

Pine Rivers Bearings has a range of jaw couplings in a variety of pre-bored and keyed sizes.

Jaw Coupling

Chain Couplings

Chain Couplings are constructed of two sprockets joined together by standard duplex roller chain. This highly compact structure provides high flexibility between shafts, power transmission capabilities and is durable and robust.

Chain Couplings allow for easy maintenance and assembly.

Our range of Chain Couplings are supplied with casings standard.

Chain Coupling

Curved Jaw (Rotex®) Couplings

The curved jaw design has a radial curvature to the jaw face and both radial and axial curvature (crowning) to the spider element. This provides better torsional softness and an angular misalignment capability.

The curved jaw type coupling gives reliable service for light, medium, and heavy duty electrical motor and internal combustion engine power transmission applications. Common applications for curved jaw type couplings include connecting power sources to pumps, gear boxes, compressors, blowers and fans, mixers, conveyors and generator sets.

Curved Jaw (Rotex®) Couplings

Flexible Tyre Couplings

Pine Rivers Bearings stock a range of highly flexible Tyre Couplings. Tyre Couplings consist of two flanges. These two halves are joined by a rubber tyre. The tyre itself is torsionally soft and flexible which allows the Tyre Coupling to compensate for large amounts of shock loading and backlash, as well as axial misalignment.

Tyre Couplings can compensate for misalignment up to 4°, 6mm parallel and 8mm axial. Torsional flexibility of up to 12° at max. torque.

Flexible Tyre Coupling

Cone Ring Couplings

Cone Ring Couplings are based on a time proven design. The coupling consists of two flanges interlocked with a number of elements, depending on the coupling size.

The Cone Rings Couplings unique flexible element comprises tapered rubber rings mounted on steel pins. The rubber rings absorb misalignment, shock and vibration.

Cone Ring Couplings don’t require and lubrication and the Pin and Rubber design ensures trouble free maintenance. They can be removed and changed without the need to take the coupling off the shafts.

Cone Ring Coupling flanges are high-grade cast iron, the pins are hexagonal steel bar, and the rings are synthetic rubber.

Cone Ring Couplings

Curved Tooth Gear Couplings

The Curved Tooth Gear Coupling consists of 2 geared hubs coupled together by a curved tooth nylon sleeve.

Curved tooth gear couplings enable flexible shaft connections and are specifically suitable to compensate for axial, radial and angular shaft misalignment.

Product Characteristics:

– Double Section type curved-tooth gear coupling

– Widely applicable in various mechanical & hydraulic fields

– Able to offset axial, radial & angular misalignments

Nylon Toothed Sleeve Characteristics:

– High rigidity RGF Nylon Sleeve Coupling

– High temperature resistance (+100C)

– Excellent electrical insulation behaviour

– Chemical resistance

Curved Tooth Gear Coupling

Gear Couplings

KCP Gear Couplings adhere to international standards AGMA and JIS thus allowing interchangeability with major industrial products.

Gear couplings compensate for angular misalignment, parallel misalignment and end float. The hub teeth are fully crowned providing minimum load stress, and ensures longer life.


–    High torque, small size, long life and very little loss of transmitting power.

–    The concave-convex flange design allows easy assembly and gaskets prevent lubricant leakage.

–    Gear Couplings permits parallel, angular misalignments and end floating by crown gear teeth.

–    The couplings are made from S45C steel.

Gear Couplings

Max Dynamic Couplings (Omega® Equivalent)

Characteristics of MAX DYNAMIC® Coupling COUPLINGS-MAX-DYNAMIC-Omega

  1. Facility protection for twirl and twist, impact and abrasion.
  2. Very simple replacement and maintenance without oil and grease
  3. Simple replacement without the separation of motor or connector on the related line due to its simple structure.
  4. Polyurethane based coupling provides good water and chemical resistance.
  5. High flexibility.
  6. Less noise


–    Agitators

–    Blower

–    Compressor

–    Conveyors

–    Cranes and Hoists

–    Elevators

–    Fans

–    Generators

–    Pump

–    Brewery and Distilling

–    Food Industry

–    Lumber Industry

–    Pulp and Paper Mill

–    Rubber Industry

–    Textile Mills

–    Aggregate Processing Cement

Max Dynamic Couplings (Omega® Equivalent)

Rigid Couplings

Rigid Couplings are used in situations where maintaining shaft alignment is essential. Our Rigid Couplings are Taper Lock ready and available in a range of sizes to accommodate almost any shaft size. Rigid Couplings consist of 2 flanges and are available in internal and external entry (H & F). This gives two possible coupling assemblies HF and FF. Horizontal shafts can be connected with either HF or FF flanges but vertical shafts must only use assembly FF.

Rigid Couplings

Taper Grid Couplings

KCP Taper Grid Steel Flexible Couplings compensate for angular misalignment, parallel misalignment, end float and provide torsional flexibility.



The movement of the grid in the lubricated grooves accommodates parallel misalignment and permits full functioning of the grid-groove action in damping out shock and vibration


Under angular misalignment, the grid-groove design permits a rocking and sliding action of the lubricated grid and hubs without any loss of power through the grid.


Unrestrained end float is permitted because the grid slides freely in the lubricated grooves.


Torsional flexibility is one of the main advantages of the KCP Taper Grid Couplings providing flexibility and the ability to dampen changing load conditions.


  1. When an overload occurs the grid element breaks and prevents damage to the shaft or machinery parts connected.
  2. The life of parts (Mechanical Seal and Bearing, etc) can be extended by more than double.
  3. Quick installation and easy maintenance helps reduce labour and down-time costs.
  4. KCP Grid coupling is interchangeable with other major Grid Coupling manufacturers.

Taper Grid Couplings