V-Belts (Transmission Belts)

V-belts are the most commonly selected belts for power transmission as they provide the best combination of traction, speed transfer, drive load distribution and longevity of service life. The belts are generally endless and their cross section shape is trapezoidal or “V” shaped. The “V” shape of the belt tracks in the groove of a matching set of pulleys. The V-belt wedges into the groove as the load increases, the greater the load the greater the wedging action–creating power distribution and torque to whatever the V belt is operating.
V belts are most commonly manufactured from rubber or polymer throughout and often contain kevlar fibres embedded in the belt for strength and reinforcement.

Published belt length dimensions may vary slightly between manufacturers and some measure the length on the inside, some on the outside and some on the pitch diameter.

V-belts can also have a cogged construction allowing a tighter radius and will run cooler on small diameter pulleys. These V-belts use an “X” after the cross section letter to designate it’s cogged.

Mower Deck V-Belts are usually an A, B, or C section. Another common Mower V-Belt configuration is the double sided AA, BB and CC section belts.

Common V-Belt Sections

Need Assistance Selecting the correct V-Belt?

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