Speedi Sleeves

Shaft Repair Sleeves or Speedi sleeves are an effective solution to overcome problems with worn shafts without having to replace the shaft or change the seal dimensions.

To seal effectively, rotary shaft seals require a smooth, round surface to run on. If the smooth surface becomes worn, the seal is unable to fulfil its function of retaining lubricant and sealing against contaminants. Typically, the shaft surface becomes scored when contaminant particles become caught under the sealing lip and abrades a track as the shaft rotates. As this continues, the seal will allow more contaminates get stuck under the lip, eventually leading to malfunction of the component that the sealing system is meant to protect. When this occurs, a simple seal replacement is not sufficient and the worn shaft would need to be dissasembled and the worn surface machined down until it’s within specification again.

Speedi sleeves are a well-proven solution to overcome these problems with worn shafts, without having to disassemble the shaft or specifying a new size for the replacement seal.

Speedi sleeves come in a range of metric (12mm to 200mm) and imperial (0.5” to 8”) nominal shaft sizes. All sleeves come with a shaft diameter range or tolerance. I.e. the 12mm sleeve should work on a shaft size of 11.93mm to 12.07mm.

Need Assistance Selecting the correct Speedi-Sleeve?

If you need assistance selecting the correct Speedi-Sleeve for your particular application, please give us a call and talk to one of our knowledgeable staff. We’re here to help and problem solve for you.